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April 11th, 2019 by with

I first heard of Keboola over a year ago, right after I was laid off from EDP. As usual I reached out to my friends, and Marcus said I should talk to Milan, one of the partners.

I hit it off with him right away and learned that they were contemplating adding a west coast presence to their sales team. They have a very collaborative, methodical hiring process, which culminates in a short term work "trial" and I was nearing this part of the journey when I ended up getting my offer from ZE PowerGroup. This put me in a tough spot; I preferred the Keboola folks, but I wasn't confident as to the outcome.

I ended up accepting the ZE job and well, we know how that turned out. Sigh.

After my time at ZE, I was really interested in staying focussed on helping business use their data to improve, so when I became funemployed again I reached back out to Milan and Pavel. Turns out they had never added that west coast person, and they were interested in continuing our conversation.

Not only were they great people really interested in helping their customers, their main office is in White Rock, only a few blocks from my house!

And unlike my previous job, I have a great feeling about this, and it seems others do as well:

I am so excited to say that that today was my first day at Keboola, and I look forward to helping them grow!

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