The power of right the fuck now ⇒

When you ask for something, always be prepared for a yes!

If you’re doing things the right way, you’ll get yesses. Be ready for them!

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13 killer B2B sales questions to close more deals ⇒

If you don’t ask these questions, you’re throwing away money

Ask these 13 B2B sales questions to close more deals and make more sales.

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A Decade and a Half!

15 years ago today I married a wonderful lady. I still remember how nervous I was standing up there in front of all my friends and family, my friend Loch presiding with his glorious purple hair. And the funny scene where me & Christine were huddled over a picnic table at Jericho Beach during the photos eating french fries because we hadn’t eaten that day (too nervous).

And the amazing reception overlooking English Bay as the sun set in a picture-perfect way.

Then our mini-honeymoon (Savary Island) that was only a teeny precursor to our real honeymoon (3 months in Africa…I’ll resurrect the trip journal later), which was the trip of a lifetime!

Since then we have travelled to fabulous places (Australia, Peru, France, Maritimes), settled down in lovely South Surrey, found some great friends and created this amazing family.


From a happy-go-lucky friend, to a loving mother & wonderful wife, Christine has always been there for me.

I have a wonderful life, and it’s all her fault.

Here’s to 15 more.

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In Praise of Slowness ⇒

We live in a world of scarce understanding and abundant information. We complain that we never have any free time yet we seek distraction.

I constantly have to remind myself to slow down and be bored.

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