My First Commercial Statamic Addon ⇒

For a while now I've been very involved in in the Slack community for my favourite CMS, Statamic. I've actually gotten some income from it, building custom addons for various people & companies.

In the last few months, I had several people pay me to build a membership component to their sites and that got me thinking that there might be enough interest to actually commercialize it.

I'm very pleased to announce Admission, a way to have paid memberships for your Statamic site. It requires the latest version of Statamic (2.1.2) and a Stripe account hooked up to your bank account (to get your $$$) but other than that it's pretty straight-forward.

I really enjoyed making it and hope that a few folks out there find it very useful.

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Oregon Coast ⇒

The last time Christine & I had more than 2 days with no kids we went to Australia. This time we went a tad closer, to the Oregon Coast.

Christine found us a nice VRBO in Seaside and on Monday (July 27), we headed down.

First night was just a quiet walk around the town w/ dinner at Lilikoi's.

We did find a treasure that night, an amazing candy store, Schwietert's which started a great tradition...late night fudge.

Day one was strolling around Cannon Beach looking at the shops and going for a really nice walk along the beach to see Haystack Rock.

Wednesday we went on a hike that turned out to be quite challenging. It was very muddy and we had the wrong footwear & both of had foot/hip injuries that made it much harder than we had anticipated. Ended up taking us just over 4 hours to do the 8 1/4 mile hike.

Thursday was Astoria, which is the oldest settlement west of the Rockies, founded by Lewis & Clark. Met my long-time friend Clayton for lunch then off to the neat Columbia River Maritime Museum.

We only drove 1/2 back that day and stayed in Olympia and headed home the next day.

Oregon Coast is an extremely pretty trip and highly recommended.

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The Alliance that Leads to a Better Product ⇒

How product managers and sales can work together to create a better product.

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Art of Pitching ⇒

I wished I had known about this super useful skill in my 20s. It would have saved me a lot of time, resources, and head-and-heart aches.

They should teach this, basic sales & negotiation in school.

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