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June 2nd, 2019 by with tag EV

We've owned our Nissan Leaf for almost a full year, and it is, without a doubt, the best car I've ever owned (note, I've only owned 5 cars and this is the first truly new car). Note we "only" got the old $5k provincial credit, not the new, additional $5k federal one nor the $6k Scrap It one.

It now has 25K kms on it. If that had been my previous car (a 2005 Kia Spectra), it would have cost ~$3,500 on gas (~9.4L/100K @ $1.5/L) and ~$3000 in maintenance.

Instead it's cost ~$700 in energay costs and $100 in maintenance (annual check up), for gross savings of $6,500. My payments are around $6000/year, so I'm up around $500 over the year.

Naturally, as the gas prices go up, these numbers get better. And of course, my payments will stop in a few years, making an even better deal.

My only real complaint is that the Bluetooth module is not super reliable and I we often have to restart the car to get it to connect (which only takes about 15 secs).

Only once have I ever been really low in battery; when I left my house with only 75% charge then drove to Cypress Mountain and back. Arrived home, with some aggressive battery safe driving, with 8% charge, about 20kms left.

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