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August 14th, 2019 by with tag travel

Our European vacation started with a short 10 1/2 hour flight to Zurich, then a quick 4 hour drive to our home for the next week in Veigy-Foncenex, just outside Geneva.

(Aside, I again tried the fasting method to minimize jet lag and it did seem to work)

Family & Wedding

One of the highlights of this trip is hanging my extended family again; the last time we were all together was 5 years ago (in Toronto). Our house (in Veigy-Foncenex) was the "party" house so every night we had 15-18 people for dinner, drinks & games. Amazing to see my girls reconnect with their 2nd cousins after a 5 year break; picked up right where they left off.

The highlight (at least for the kids), is the traditional chocolate fondue.

And of course, the "reason" we came, my cousin Kate's wedding


Mountain Luge

When we were researching Switzerland Christine found a video of someone luging down a of course we had to do that! We ended up finding on not too far away, in Morzine. Much fun was had.


The oldest (and highest) part of Geneva is called Old Town (great naming Genoveans). It's full of wonderful old buildings, alleys and churches, the highlight being going up the towers at Saint Pierre Cathedral

If you ever get there, stop at the Philippe Pascoet chocolate shop. Closed in August, unfortunately.


Our last stop was Yvoire, one of the prettiest medieval villages in France. It's full of shops and restaurants but maintains the medieval look. Easy to spend a couple of hours sauntering around.

Not sure it's picturesque enough though...

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