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April 15th, 2019 by with tag career

As I start a new role at a cool new company, I'm struck by how immediately comfortable I feel there; it's like I'm "home". Contrast that with my previous company, where I felt out of place almost the whole time.

I really should have paid attention to the (now obvious signs):

  • couldn't use my own iPhone X, had to use an old iPhone 6S
  • couldn't use my Macbook, had to use a Windows machine (!!)
  • no corporate chat
  • no cloud files, have to use a VPN to access files
  • CRM is MS Dynamics, but not set up properly so most people use Excel
  • on prem Exchange, no cloud services
  • Often heard, "that's not your job"
  • people very formal and corporate
  • all tools created in-house by IT

New company:

  • can use my own phone and Macbook
  • Slack, Google services, SFDC, Outreach,
  • fully distributed team & tools
  • everyone jumps in to help everyone else
  • fun, dynamic workplace and workforce

The moral of this story is, on top of having a product/service you believe in, a company also has to feel right for you. Don't sacrifice dollars for culture, you'll regret it.

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