Why Do Companies Hire This Way? ⇒

March 26th, 2019 by with

I've been doing a lot of interviews recently and I've come to really appreciate the way one of my former companies, SchedulePro hires, and I wonder why more companies don't do it this way.

The "usual" way is that a company will do a zillion phone screens, then have a series of in person interviews spread over 2-3 weeks, then shortlist a few candidates for the final round(s) of interviews, before making their final choice. Total time, likely 5-6 weeks, internal person-hours in the 100s.

That way is very stressful for the candidate and very time consuming for the company.

It also ignores the fact there are many great people who can help an organization out, so why spend time on other folks, if someone can help you?

On the other hand, the folks at SchedulePro still screen, but then when somone comes in for the interview, they decide right then whether to hire that person. That way no one else has to go through the "long wait" and the candidate knows right away.

Less overall time, fewer person hours, happier candidates.

Please hire this way.

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