Rough 7 Weeks ⇒

April 13th, 2018 by Erin with tags Work, Home & Health

The last 7 weeks have been a bit trying:

  • had to stop doing Crossfit, because of pirifomis syndrome
  • got laid off from EDP, ostensibly for "business reasons"
  • nearly cut my fingers off with a table saw

My piriformis had been bothering me for a few months and I had foolishly done nothing about about, so cutting my fingers was a bit of a blessing in disguise. My fingers forced me to actually take a break and properly rehab all my broken bits (achilles, shoulder, glute). It's nearly better, so I'm planning on getting back to the gym in a few weeks. Finally.

The lay off from EDP was unexpected, but in hindsight unsurprising. We had been struggling to close deals quicker and I guess "something" needed to happen. And I was the "something". So the last 5 weeks have been a flurry of job searches and interviews...never fun, always stressful.

And then there's my fingers:

I was "saving time" cutting up a dogwood bush by shortening the branches with my table saw. I got super complacent and inattentive and bounced the back of my hand on the saw. 100% avoidable and certainly 1 second I'd love back!

Thankfully a friend was nearby and drove me to emergency, where I discovered how lucky I actually was. Amazingly I missed all the tendons, nerves and bones. It is "just" a nasty laceration (clear the bone) that required ~15 stitches. I'm nearly 5 weeks into recovery and two of the fingers are doing really well. My ring finger, which was a disaster, is healing slowly, but nicely. If my luck holds, I'll even keep my fingernail, but it doesn't look good at the moment.

The upside of these last weeks has been the time I got to spend with the family over spring break, and the complete rest I've had. Kinda nice not to do anyting for a while.

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