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April 17th, 2018 by Erin with tag Work

The last 7 weeks haven't all been bad, of course. I have really enjoyed spending time with the family and just generally hanging out doing not much at all. Haven't done that in a really long time.

Naturally, starting the day I got laid off, I started looking for something new. One of the benefits of being in the tech industry in Vancouver for so long, is how many people you end up knowing. During this whole time I never really applied for a job; instead I connected to companies through people I knew. The other neat thing about looking for work is learning about all the amazing companies that are in Vancouver. Here's a list of just some of the companies I looked at and/or spoke to: Envisio, Marine Learning Systems, Navarik, PHEMI, Procurify, Beanworks, Encepta, Linc, VidYard, Fiix, Traction On Demand, Dooly, Greycon, Tableau Software, Axonify, Eventbase, Trulioo, Comm100, Procore, 7Geese, Keboola. All great and if you'd like an intro, please let me know.

However, it was the very first call I made, that led to my new adventure. The day I got laid off I noticed that an old boss of mine got a new job as VP of Sales & Marketing, and called to congratulate. When he learned about my situation he was interested in speaking with me. It was an interesting process as when we met first he had only been at the company for a week, so knew very little about how sales went. We seemingly learned about the company together, which was kinda neat.

ZE PowerGroup (great domain, eh?) specializes in enterprise data management. We focus on large companies for whom data management (disparate data sources, non-normalized data, complicated data calculations, charts, etc) is important.

I will be joining them as an Account Executive to help them increase their revenue and improve their sales process, and I start in two weeks!

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