How To Detect BS in Sales Reps ⇒

Great episode on scaling and improving velocity.

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15 Responses to the Prospect Objection "It's Not a Good Time to Buy" ⇒

I've gotten a little complacent, going to use these to kickstart myself.

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39 Instantly Memorable Sales Rapport-Building Questions to Ask Your Prospects ⇒

Great ideas on how to build rapport.

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It Was Twenty Years Ago Today... ⇒

...that a young lady showed up at my door with yummy chocolate chip cookies.


No one had ever brought me cookies before!

The week after we went on our first official date, to see The Boss Brass, and that was it, we were a couple. And have been for 20 (no, it can't have been 20 years already?????) amazing years.

This year has both of working for the first time in Daniella years (8), so that has meant many changes, both great and challenging.

We've had many, many more ups than downs and every year just seems to get better, so I can't wait for what's ahead!

Canada Day

Update: better photo

At Maker Faire

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