Rough 7 Weeks ⇒

April 13th, 2018 by Erin with tags Work, home & Health

The last 7 weeks have been a bit trying:

  • had to stop doing Crossfit, because of pirifomis syndrome
  • got laid off from EDP, ostensibly for "business reasons"
  • nearly cut my fingers off with a table saw

My piriformis had been bothering me for a few months and I had foolishly done nothing about about, so cutting my fingers was a bit of a blessing in disguise. My fingers forced me to actually take a break and properly rehab all my broken bits (achilles, shoulder, glute). It's nearly better,...

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Middle Eastern Adventure ⇒

November 10th, 2017 by Erin with tags Travel & Work

Today I head to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi specifically. My company decided to attend ADIPEC, one of the largest Oil & Gas trade show in the world. Over 100k attendees! We chose to go because Export Canada has this great program where they assist companies looking to expand overseas, so they're actually covering 50% of our costs.

I've never been to the Middle East, and I'm really looking forward to learning about new cultures, foods & activities.

Thankfully we have a full day...

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Goin' Fishin' ⇒

February 27th, 2015 by Erin with tags Work & Sockeye

It took me a while1 to find the perfect job, but I did it.

My challenge was finding a (reasonable) local company that sold something complicated that I could get interested in. I found many companies selling cool things and many non-local selling complicated things. As an additional challenge was that I would prefer a company were I could work from home several days of the week.

Finding a company like this was much harder than I thought. And finding this company is a neat little story...

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When Life Gives You Lemons ⇒

February 8th, 2015 by Erin with tags Work & Lemonstand

This Friday will be my last day at LemonStand. We all agree that a dedicated, senior sales person is not what is needed at this stage in LemonStand's growth1. They are a great group of folks who will make a difference in the eCommerce space.

I am looking for a company (local or allows remote) whose products/services require technical sales. The more complicated & expensive the better.

Here's what I bring to my next job so if you hear of something cool, let me know.

  1. Though we...

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