Middle Eastern Adventure ⇒

Today I head to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi specifically. My company decided to attend ADIPEC, one of the largest Oil & Gas trade show in the world. Over 100k attendees! We chose to go because Export Canada has this great program where they assist companies looking to expand overseas, so they're actually covering 50% of our costs.

I've never been to the Middle East, and I'm really looking forward to learning about new cultures, foods & activities.

Thankfully we have a full day before the trade show starts, and I had a friend recommend some activities:

She also mentioned that people over there don't sleep much so most of the activities are open until the wee hours of the morning.

Then after the show ends, we're going to Dubai for 2 days. Plans there are to eat a lot (got some amazing food recommendations) and:

I'm going to try to remember to take a ton of pictures so I can remember this trip!

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Oregon Coast ⇒

The last time Christine & I had more than 2 days with no kids we went to Australia. This time we went a tad closer, to the Oregon Coast.

Christine found us a nice VRBO in Seaside and on Monday (July 27), we headed down.

First night was just a quiet walk around the town w/ dinner at Lilikoi's.

We did find a treasure that night, an amazing candy store, Schwietert's which started a great tradition...late night fudge.

Day one was strolling around Cannon Beach looking at the shops and going for a really nice walk along the beach to see Haystack Rock.

Wednesday we went on a hike that turned out to be quite challenging. It was very muddy and we had the wrong footwear & both of had foot/hip injuries that made it much harder than we had anticipated. Ended up taking us just over 4 hours to do the 8 1/4 mile hike.

Thursday was Astoria, which is the oldest settlement west of the Rockies, founded by Lewis & Clark. Met my long-time friend Clayton for lunch then off to the neat Columbia River Maritime Museum.

We only drove 1/2 back that day and stayed in Olympia and headed home the next day.

Oregon Coast is an extremely pretty trip and highly recommended.

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Kids Are Away, the Adults Will Play ⇒

Last weekend something rare happened, both kids were away for nearly 3 days1!

This meant that Christine and I could actually go away and do couple-y stuff for a bit. We ended up going to Seattle because my Crossfit coach, Joe Scali was competing at the Crossfit Regionals - West in Tacoma and I wanted to watch.

Laying in bed Thursday night trying to figure out what to do, I searched 'events in Seattle this weekend' and one of the top hits was the Kids in the Hall show! It was sold out, but fortunately we found some tickets on Craigslist.

kids in the hall paramount signage

Erin getting crushed

I didn't know quite what to expect, not having seen them before, but the show was great! I don't know how many of their skits were new vs old but they sure were funny. And they seemed to be having a good time, messing up skits, making each other laugh. Thankfully they did end on one of their best pieces.

I'm crushing you

Saturday morning was breakfast at Lola's, a nice walk around Pike Place Market & Capitol Hill where we found a cool bike shop.

The afternoon was off to the Crossfit Regionals - West to cheer on Joe. It was surprisingly exciting to watch people workout (really fast and hard, of course) and Joe did great. Finished day 2 in 4th position.

We ended the evening with dinner with some dear friends and a stroll to the famous Gum Wall.

On Sunday we did the tour of the Boeing plant, which was wicked cool. No photos, sorry, but you can't bring cameras or phones in at all. Well worth going to see though if you like planes at all. The plant is monstrous; all of Disneyland can fit inside it!

Was nice to hang with the wife again...she's a great lady.

  1. District Brownie Camp ↩︎

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A Good Time ⇒

Definition of a great weekend in Vegas:

  • Golf at TPC Vegas (tough greens)
  • Dinner at Margaritaville
  • Fun poker session at Bellagio
  • 3+ hour hike at Red Rock National Park
  • Great burgers at Burger Brasserie (Paris)
  • 2 Mojitos
  • Seeing Anthony Cools
  • 2 vodka 7s
  • Really drunken poker at PH
  • Green apple shot
  • 2 tequila shots
  • Vodka 7
  • Many many spiced rum & ginger
  • Delayed flight
  • Dinner in the LINQ
  • 6 hour poker session at Aria
  • Direct to airport with no sleep

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