Oh Ya, Vegas, Baby! ⇒

I've recovered from Vegas, thankfully. Man, what a crazy town that is.


  • winning my first cash session
  • cheap drinks...keep 'em coming!
  • winning my first ever casino tournament (sorry Doug)
  • seeing durrrrrr at Bellagio
  • Vinnie Favorito
  • meeting Daniel Negreanu
  • playing in Binion's
  • cashing in my 2nd tournament

All in all, had a great time, thanks boys!

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Erin, meet Christine. Christine, this is Erin. ⇒

With two small children, we don't get much time as a couple. So, we shuttled the girls off to a foreign country and went down to Seattle for a few days to get re-acquianted.

We didn't want to do much, so just wandered around doing what ever struck our fancy and ate WHENEVER WE WANTED!!

Day one was Pike Place Market, Belltown, Thai Ginger and The Dark Knight.

Day two started gloriously late and we didn't get going until near 11am! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We started with lunch (suggested by some guy coming out of the building we were sitting on) in Pioneer Square, then went on a fabulous underground tour. From there we headed out for 3 great hours walking around the Museum of Flight. If you like planes at all, you owe it to yourself to go to this museum. We left after 3 hours, but could have stayed longer, if only our heads could hold more information. We finished the day at The Pink Door, a fabulous recommendation from our Underground Tour guide.

Our last day was a quick trip back to Pike Market for pictures and some food.

We had a great time, the kids had a great time. We simply must do this again!

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Belated Vacation Report ⇒

Silly Erin...he goes away on a grand vacation with his whole family and neglects to blog about it.

Long time readers of this blog will remember that Christine and I have gone to see our good friends Nigel and Melody wherever they have lived. First we went to Boston in 2002, then France in 2005. Recently they moved to San Jose, CA, so to continue our tradition, we packed up the family and headed down to The Valley. As a bonus, our friends Dave & Jen live down there too, and we hadn't seen them in a while, so we hooked up with them as well.

It seems that every time we go see the Daleys our travel logistics get more complicated. The first time it was just Christine and I and we took the train from NY to Boston. The second time, we had a 7 month old and needed two flights to get there. This time, we had two kids (sheesh), but only needed one flight. Strangely, this last trip was the most complicated, mostly due to Elise. You see, when flying, a toddler must be in a car seat. Which means you have to bring one with you. In addition to the stroller. And the snacks. And books. And DVDs. And the diaper bag. Oh ya, and Daniella! It would have been easier to check the children and carry on the luggage!!!

Friday was a quiet day as Nige had to work and Claire went to her morning school. So we hung around at home until Mel had to go pick Claire up and then we went to the park beside the school and played on the playground and had a picnic.

Saturday we all (DLs, Daleys, MacLachlans) went to Happy Hollow for the day. Much fun was had by all.

We spent Sunday with the MacLachlans and Jen showed us her horse, Justice, and the ranch it lives on. Elise enjoyed the horses and the cow, Norman.

Monday was split into two, with the morning being a girls day out (they went shopping) and the evening being a boys night out (we went to dinner and played some pool). Not terribly exciting but it was fabulous just to catch up with everyone sans fiends.

Tuesday was the end of our grand adventure and we headed home with both children being rockstars again! Especially Molly, who endured many hours in the car taking Claire to school then coming back to get us, then driving us to the airport then going back to get Claire. Thanks Molly and chauffeur Mel!

And thanks to the Daleys for the their amazing hospitality and the MacLachlans for showing us a great time!

Where to next????

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Quite The Traveller! ⇒

As I was walking around with Elise tonight, we were talking about her 2nd plane trip (although first that she will remember) and we got to thinking about how many plane trips Mama has been on. I first guessed 12 plane trips, but Christine thought more, so we sat down and she thought about it. The list that follows is almost in the correct order; here's the list she came up with:

  • 85 - England with her family
  • 93 - Toronto (work)
  • 93 - Disneyland w/ family
  • 94 - Ottawa (work)
  • 95 - Dallas (work)
  • 95 - Winnipeg (school)
  • 96 - Toronto (work)
  • 96 - San Francisco
  • 98 - Calgary (work)
  • 99 - Montreal
  • 00 - UK
  • between 98 & 01 - 4x to Edmonton and Prince George (work)
  • 01 - Africa
  • 01 - Calgary
  • 01 - Disneyland
  • 02 - San Francisco
  • 02 - England
  • 02 - New York
  • 03 - Peru
  • 03 - San Francisco
  • 02 (or 03), Edmonton (work)
  • 04 - Toronto
  • 04 - New Orleans
  • 05 - Hawaii
  • 06 - France
  • 06 - Edmonton

Quite the traveller, eh?

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