Rough 7 Weeks ⇒

The last 7 weeks have been a bit trying:

  • had to stop doing Crossfit, because of pirifomis syndrome
  • got laid off from EDP, ostensibly for "business reasons"
  • nearly cut my fingers off with a table saw

My piriformis had been bothering me for a few months and I had foolishly done nothing about about, so cutting my fingers was a bit of a blessing in disguise. My fingers forced me to actually take a break and properly rehab all my broken bits (achilles, shoulder, glute). It's nearly better, so I'm planning on getting back to the gym in a few weeks. Finally.

The lay off from EDP was unexpected, but in hindsight unsurprising. We had been struggling to close deals quicker and I guess "something" needed to happen. And I was the "something". So the last 5 weeks have been a flurry of job searches and interviews...never fun, always stressful.

And then there's my fingers:

I was "saving time" cutting up a dogwood bush by shortening the branches with my table saw. I got super complacent and inattentive and bounced the back of my hand on the saw. 100% avoidable and certainly 1 second I'd love back!

Thankfully a friend was nearby and drove me to emergency, where I discovered how lucky I actually was. Amazingly I missed all the tendons, nerves and bones. It is "just" a nasty laceration (clear the bone) that required ~15 stitches. I'm nearly 5 weeks into recovery and two of the fingers are doing really well. My ring finger, which was a disaster, is healing slowly, but nicely. If my luck holds, I'll even keep my fingernail, but it doesn't look good at the moment.

The upside of these last weeks has been the time I got to spend with the family over spring break, and the complete rest I've had. Kinda nice not to do anyting for a while.

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To Speed Up, Slow Down ⇒

Go for a walk in nature. Take your headphones out. Put your phone away.

Scientifically proven to make you smarter, give it a listen.

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Intermittent Fasting ⇒

Ever since I got the Precision Nutrition book, I've been interested in trying Intermittent Fasting. It seems like a faily well researched way to increase energy, improve sleep and lean out.

Then I listened to the wonderful Rhonda Patrick on Tim Ferriss' podcast1, and she mentioned that it would be one of the top few health/food tactics she would recommend.

Initially I thought it wouldn't work for me, but then I recently spoke with a fellow Crossfitter who does it and he said he's lost 7 pounds (in 2 months), never slept better and has more energy than ever!

He eats all his calories between 6pm and 10pm, with a bit of Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning to get him going and give his brain some good fats. He says it tooks him about a month to get fully in to it, first eating at noon, then 1, then 2, etc...

I don't like coffee so I'm not sure how I will duplicate that fat content, but I'll ask my nurtitionist how she would approach it, or even if she recommends it.

Consuming all my cals in the evening would work really well for me as I get home about 6pm and go to bed 9-9:30, so I'll just have a big meal just before going to bed.

I'm a bit scared but also super curious how it works.

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I'm a Hypocrite ⇒

Today I realized I’m a huge hypocrite, and it’s not helping my youngest child.

Coming home today, I learned about a smart phone challenge they did on one of my favourite podcasts, Note to Self. The two goal of this challenge were, to get people to realize how much they used their phone, and to help them reduce that dependency.

They brought up research that explored the consequences of phone addiction. For example, if you take pictures all the time, of everything in your life, you actually don’t remember it as well. You also never let yourself get bored, which is required for deeper thoughts and coming up with new ideas.

I’ve said this a few times before, but it’s never really stuck for me; it’s hard for me to self regulate when it’s a FOMO thing.

Today I realized that I was trying to get my kids to spend less time on their devices while doing the exact opposite of that in my life!

Such. A. Hypocrite.

Only and idiot does the same thing expecting a difference result, so this time in addition to deleting Tweetbot off my phone, I’ve asked Christine to hold me accountable.

Hoping it sticks this time and that extra time I’ve gained can be productive.

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