39 Instantly Memorable Sales Rapport-Building Questions to Ask Your Prospects ⇒

Great ideas on how to build rapport.

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Sales Tip to Re-Engage Prospects Who Have Gone Dark ⇒

John Barrows gives a ridiculously simple way to get a response after prospects go dark.

Added to my toolkit.

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9 Obnoxious Sales Phrases That Make Prospects Hang Up on You ⇒

Oh man, I do the "Thanks you for your time" AND "I want to...". Good time to stop that, eh?

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Someone Did a Study on Saying ‘Umm’ in B2B Sales Calls ⇒

Accuvit that analyzed the impact of using filler words in B2B sales calls - fillers like ‘Umm’, ‘Uh’, ‘Like’, and so on. I wanted to share some of the more remarkable findings.

My filler word is 'and'.

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