The Science of Owwwww

If I ever went back to school, I’d study behavioural psychology. I just love learning ​why​ we do things, especially when our decisions aren’t rational. And how we continue doing the non-rational behaviour when there is so much good information out there.

I also love learning when science contradicts the “normal” or expected outcome. This happens a lot when your start to learn about your body and pain. Relevant for me as I always have something going wrong, body-wise.

Thankfully, I found an amazing science-based resource for learning all about pain. Even better, it is run by a good friend of mine Paul Ingraham, whom I’ve known for years (from Ultimate). He takes a common topic, like icing and then finds all the studies that prove or disprove a position. In this one, he describes when you should and should not ice your injuries.

The crazy part is that most people will vehemently disagree with you when you bring this up, or dismiss it “well icing works for me”. What they won’t do is read it and try to understand the data.

My suggestion to you, is go to his articles page and type into the article search (not the search box at the top of the screen) and find your pain. (Minor digression…I actually programmed that fancy drop-down and filter-as-you-search stuff!!). Then read the articles and see if you can learn a better way to treat your ailment.

Science good. Thanks Paul!

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A Working Man…finally

I left InTouch at the end of April after much thought. My plan was give ample notice (2 months), take a few months off in the summer, and start work when the kids went back to school. Life, however, did not work out that way.

Instead, I was asked to leave a few days after I gave notice. The good news was that I could be very active in meeting cool companies. The bad news is that I was expecting a tad more income to tide us over for the summer.

My challenge in finding a job was that I was quite picky:

  • industry I was passionate about (health & wellness/education/energy)
  • small, fun, downtown company with neat tech
  • needs a senior sales person

I spent a great deal of time focussed on finding this unicorn of a company but was eventually told either, “we are not ready for sales” or “we’d rather hire a junior sales person”, which was very frustrating.

To keep myself busy, I got two contracts:

  • First contract was helping out my friend Paul improve his amazing site Pain Science:
  • Second contract was helping SocialIQ’s with their sales strategy.

I also created one event and worked to bring two others to Vancouver:

  • Vancouver Sales Meetup - a monthly meeting where we gather and help each other get better at sales. I’ve done 2 so far, and people have gotten great value both times (they say).
  • Sales Hacker - this one didn’t succeed unfortunately due to lack of cohesive marketing, though I learned a ton about putting on an event that I will use when we try again in the new year.
  • Sales4Startups - I met Bennett via Twitter and actually drove down to Seattle to meet him in person. We are talking about bringing their first lab to Vancouver in the new year as well…it will be great!

When the teacher’s strike happened, it was actually good I wasn’t working again and could deal with the children as Christine started her PDP program. However, by now I was really ready to get back to work and started look for “normal” jobs, like at Mobify, Hootsuite, Clio and other great Vancouver companies. None of those turned out; however, I found this position on AngelList and said I was interested. It wasn’t in the industries I was looking for, but it fit all the other requirements.

And and I happy to say that I just completed my first week there and I love it! We are going to take over the eCommerce world.

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Minor Site Updates

Some additions/fixes on my site:

  • RSS feed is fixed. It wasn’t showing up (also using the wonderful Feedpress service)
  • Search added. I needed to find an old post and couldn’t so added search to my site via the Bloodhound Add-on
  • Nav bar is now responsive. When I added the search bar I discovered it disappeared when I looked on my iPhone. This required learning about media-queries and more about Bootstrap!

Update: moved files around to simplify my base code. Performance is worse now, will work on that.

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Grow your startup by managing your cash ⇒

Some great examples of how different billing structures can really change your business, from broke to flush!

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