Minor Site Updates

Some additions/fixes on my site:

  • RSS feed is fixed. It wasn’t showing up (also using the wonderful Feedpress service)
  • Search added. I needed to find an old post and couldn’t so added search to my site via the Bloodhound Add-on
  • Nav bar is now responsive. When I added the search bar I discovered it disappeared when I looked on my iPhone. This required learning about media-queries and more about Bootstrap!

Update: moved files around to simplify my base code. Performance is worse now, will work on that.

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Grow your startup by managing your cash ⇒

Some great examples of how different billing structures can really change your business, from broke to flush!

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Resources, Tools, and Tactics to Hack Lead Gen on the Cheap | Sales Hacker ⇒

Some great sales tools to get started so you don’t waste time at the start.

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Be Ready ⇒

ABR, or Always Be Ready (To Sell)

Great advice

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