Sales Hacker is Coming

While I have been off, I have been improving my sales knowledge by following several sales leaders on Twitter. I don’t remember the exact circumstances that lead me to Max Altshuler and his Sales Hacker, but I’m sure glad I found them!

Sales Hacker has a great Speaker Series where they get local sales experts to talk briefly (~20 mins) on a chosen sales theme. They aren’t your standard talks however, in that they give you very specific actions you can do to improve your sales.

I am proud to say that the event is now confirmed for Oct 28th!

We have 3 great speakers:

So if you’d like to learn more about how the top sale people handle Lead Generation, please grab a ticket!

See you there.

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First Vancouver Sales Event

Thursday was the first of a (hopefully) monthly sales meetup. It was the first meetup I had ever organized myself so I was quite nervous…would anyone show up, would they get value?

I’m happy to report that not only did people show up, they actually got help! There were 36 people registered so I was quite pleased when about 1/2 of them actually showed up. Apparently that’s pretty good attendance for a first attempt.

My goal with this meetup is that people come together and help each other with their sales problems/challenges like what tools/processes/steps they take that work.

Before the meetup, I asked for questions and got one about initial lead contact and another about which markets to focus on. Both questions led to extensive discussions and some great actionable suggestions. I’m hoping they come back next month and let us know how things improved.

We also ended up talking about Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue system and book quite a lot as Collin Stewart (from Carburetor has had great success with it. As an added bonus everyone there got a free copy of the book due to Collin’s close relationship with Aaron!

Next on is Oct 23rd.

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Some great advice on how to structure sales compensation.

I’d work well under this structure.

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The Magical Outbound Growth Engine Most Startups Never Use! ⇒

So many sales people never ask for referral, or do it way too late. Probably the easiest way to increase sales.

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