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2 Essential Rules in Sales ⇒

  1. Never answer a question that the customer hasn’t asked.
  2. Never provide information that the customer hasn’t requested.

2 Essential Rules Most Salespeople Forget, by Geoffrey James (In some way, we are all in Sales, aren’t we?)

Nice to be reminded of the basics.

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Don't Make These Basic Sales Mistakes

First, go read this article from Forbes

I have encountered all of those scenarios, but every time it was due to a mistake I made earlier in the sales process. Thought I’d review what can be done to avoid these.

1) & 2) both happen if you make your offer before you’ve agreed:

  1. they would like to buy
  2. they are ready to buy, i.e. the actual buyer has committed to buying now
  3. your solution is the right solution

4) is only scary if you don’t know about your competitors. And what salesperson doesn’t fully understand their competitors and how to position against them?

5) & 6) are the same and occur when you are selling price and not value. In these situations, review with them:

  • the value your solution brings
  • their agreement of your value and their commitment to pay for that value
  • their buying process and confirmation on the stage you are at

Basically, you need to get documented confirmation of each step, so you can refer to it later to remind them.

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Instant Interview - The Cover Letter

Here’s the cover letter that got a response in 5 mins:

You: cool company with proven, awesome technology that clearly helps companies buy things faster/easier.

Me: techy, sales guy extra-ordinaire.

Our eyes met across the internet. Immediately you were impressed by the cut of my CV ( I loved your style and the way you took a large problem and focussed on a small part of it, and have grown from there.

Would they get together? Tune in next week….


p.s. success to me is making people happy

It won’t work on all companies, but don’t be afraid to be creative.

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A Home-based Restaurant

My girls are so creative.

They asked me if I’d like to eat at their restaurant.

The menu cover: menu cover

The menu: menu

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