Kids Are Away, the Adults Will Play

Last weekend something rare happened, both kids were away for nearly 3 days1!

This meant that Christine and I could actually go away and do couple-y stuff for a bit. We ended up going to Seattle because my Crossfit coach, Joe Scali was competing at the Crossfit Regionals - West in Tacoma and I wanted to watch.

Laying in bed Thursday night trying to figure out what to do, I searched ‘events in Seattle this weekend’ and one of the top hits was the Kids in the Hall show! It was sold out, but fortunately we found some tickets on Craigslist.

kids in the hall paramount signage

Erin getting crushed

I didn’t know quite what to expect, not having seen them before, but the show was great! I don’t know how many of their skits were new vs old but they sure were funny. And they seemed to be having a good time, messing up skits, making each other laugh. Thankfully they did end on one of their best pieces.

I'm crushing you

Saturday morning was breakfast at Lola’s, a nice walk around Pike Place Market & Capitol Hill where we found a cool bike shop.

The afternoon was off to the Crossfit Regionals - West to cheer on Joe. It was surprisingly exciting to watch people workout (really fast and hard, of course) and Joe did great. Finished day 2 in 4th position.

We ended the evening with dinner with some dear friends and a stroll to the famous Gum Wall.

On Sunday we did the tour of the Boeing plant, which was wicked cool. No photos, sorry, but you can’t bring cameras or phones in at all. Well worth going to see though if you like planes at all. The plant is monstrous; all of Disneyland can fit inside it!

Was nice to hang with the wife again…she’s a great lady.

  1. District Brownie Camp 

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Want organized kids? ⇒

“Reward all acts of bravery.”

Hard to let them fail, but so important.

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How to Strategize and Win a WOD Like Rich Froning ⇒

  • Round one should feel like you’re going way too slow and you have a strong urge to just fire on ahead.
  • Round two should feel like you’re perfectly pacing.
  • The final round should feel like you’re barely able to get the work in with the determined workload/rest interval

Pacing has been something I’ve been really working on this year. Hardest part for me is slowing down in round one.

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A Product Person’s Perspective on Enterprise Selling ⇒

There’s really only one key factor that distinguishes enterprise selling from everything a product person knows, and that is enterprise selling ends with the product and starts with the enterprise.

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