Intermittent Fasting ⇒

Ever since I got the Precision Nutrition book, I've been interested in trying Intermittent Fasting. It seems like a faily well researched way to increase energy, improve sleep and lean out.

Then I listened to the wonderful Rhonda Patrick on Tim Ferriss' podcast1, and she mentioned that it would be one of the top few health/food tactics she would recommend.

Initially I thought it wouldn't work for me, but then I recently spoke with a fellow Crossfitter who does it and he said he's lost 7 pounds (in 2 months), never slept better and has more energy than ever!

He eats all his calories between 6pm and 10pm, with a bit of Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning to get him going and give his brain some good fats. He says it tooks him about a month to get fully in to it, first eating at noon, then 1, then 2, etc...

I don't like coffee so I'm not sure how I will duplicate that fat content, but I'll ask my nurtitionist how she would approach it, or even if she recommends it.

Consuming all my cals in the evening would work really well for me as I get home about 6pm and go to bed 9-9:30, so I'll just have a big meal just before going to bed.

I'm a bit scared but also super curious how it works.

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Soylent - The Follow-up ⇒

I've been having Soylent for my breakfast and lunch for 2 days now. I don't notice a difference in energy nor sleep, but I ate pretty healthy before so I wasn't expecting much there.

I have found that one bag does not get me through the day though, as it only provides around 2000 calories and I need around 2500, especially on days I Crossfit.

If I thicken it up (by using less water), I find a glass 8am gets me to noon and then another at noon gets me to 4. I have noticed, however, that I don't feel full nor hungry during that time.

I do really, really like how much time it frees up as it only takes a couple of mins to prepare the night before then I can drink it as I work. No "wasted" time eating!

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Drinking My Way To Health ⇒

On May 23rd, of last year I ordered a 1 weeks' supply of Soylent from their campaign.

If you haven't been following, Soylent is intended to be a meal replacement. There has been some controversy as it is not approved by the FDA, but they have published their ingredients if you are curious.

I wanted to try it, because while I enjoy eating, I do not enjoy choosing what to eat, nor preparing it (even though Christine does most of it).

I had mostly figured it was never coming as they had problem after problem after problem, so imagine my surprise when I got my shipping notification the other today. It is still not available in Canada, so I had it shipped to my parents and today they brought it up.

It's very simple, for one days "eating" (based on 2000 calories) you mix one packet of Soylent with water and a small amount of included oil then chill. That's it. For me 2000 calories isn't enough (find out your BMR here) so I will either make 1.5x batches or eat you know, actual food in addition.

The first batch I made with a tad too much water I think (it was very much a drink) but tasted not bad. Mostly a neutral flavour with a little bit of powder residue. Overall, quite drinkable and I believe I can used to it just this way. They do say you can mix in peanut butter or jam or chocolate if you want some more flavour.

I am going to ease into into drinking it, but I do plan on working my way up to nothing but Soylent by mid next week.

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A balanced look at gluten sensitivity « Science-Based Medicine ⇒

A balanced look at gluten sensitivity. Even though it doesn’t appear on any calendar, May 2014 will go down in history as “gluten sensitivity month.”

I think I have NCGS, but now I'm not so sure. I do feel bloated after a lot of bread (especially white) and white pasta, but maybe I've just convinced myself of that?

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