I'm not getting better at Crossfit

I have been doing Crossfit for 4 years and I've noticed over this last year I have not improved very much.

Today I figured out why. When I am doing the workout and I feel I am too tired to continue, I stop and rest for a few seconds. This is not how one gets better.

What I should do, of course, is do at least one more rep. Always push myself to go one further or for a few more seconds.

My mental weakness stops now.

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How to Strategize and Win a WOD Like Rich Froning ⇒

  • Round one should feel like you’re going way too slow and you have a strong urge to just fire on ahead.
  • Round two should feel like you’re perfectly pacing.
  • The final round should feel like you’re barely able to get the work in with the determined workload/rest interval

Pacing has been something I’ve been really working on this year. Hardest part for me is slowing down in round one.

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How To Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle ⇒

The secret appears to be a slight caloric deficit coupled with frequent weight-lifting.


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Man, will I ever be sore…

…tomorrow. Played badminton today with Doug. First time in about 7 years! I was a little lot rusty! Missed many, many easy shots and wasn’t in the right spot most of the time.

But I did have fun. Going to do it more.

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