The Hip, Tragically

I did not have a great day today. On the way into work I learned that my favourite band of all time, The Tragically Hip, lost their amazing lead singer Gord Downie.

This band essentially defined my university experience. They got big (Fully Completely, Day For Night) just when I started school. We played their music All. The. Time. At every party, in every room, at every event, The Hip were there. They quickly became "my" band; I followed all their news and knew all the songs. When a new album dropped we'd rush out to buy it (usually from A&B Music...remember them?).

Today when chatting with my old roommate, he reminded me of all times we were up late studying and listening to the The Q and phoning/faxing/emailing in requests for The Hip at midnight.

And it's the band I've seen the most, probably 6 or 7 times. They put on an outstanding live show, with Gord flailing and wailing. I've seen them in Victoria, Vancouver, at Another Roadside Attraction. Heck I might have even seen them in Ottawa...who can remember them all?

The one show I absolutely remember was their last one in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. Gord had just announced his diagnosis and also the tour. There was no way I was missing this show. With the help of my friend Doug, we got tickets. Behind the stage, but tickets nonetheless. Although I had not seen them in years, they were as good, or better than I remember. Gord sang his heart out and wailed and flailed.

The Hip were there at some of the best times of my life, at university w/ my roomates, at parties, at concerts, on road trips, and at my wedding.

Thanks Gord

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Impromptu Trip

So we could celebrate our 11th (holy smokes!!) anniversary, my parents took the girls overnight yesterday. We hadn’t made any plans but we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go to

                                                                                                                    <a href="">Bumbershoot</a> and to spend the night in Seattle. After finding an amazing deal on parking (**only** $10 for the day), we got in around 1:30 and sat by the fountain to figure out what we wanted to do/see/hear. The band that was playing while we were planning was called Whalebone and they were just OK…a good band to get warmed up to but nothing I would buy. After they finished we were going to just wander around for a bit but I heard a band get the crowd screaming and headed over for a quick listen. Turns out they were <a href="">Mad Rad</a> and they put on a phenomenal live show! Not sure I'd buy any of their <a href="">music</a> but I'll check it out to see if they have the same energy as they did on stage. They are a very dorky looking band, but tons of fun! Next we checked out <a href="">Broken Social Scene</a> but we didn't like them at all…too loud and not very interesting. After that we had to choose between <a href="">Shakespearean Improve comedy</a> or a British blues-rock band. Sadly, we chose the music. Turns our they aren't blues-rock, they are an extraordinarily loud (hurt our ears and we couldn't hear the music nor the lyrics) punk rock band. This meant when we raced to get to the comedy we had to wait 30 mins until we could get in and catch the last 30 mins of the show. Glad we waited though as they were very, very funny! Highly recommended. Funny thing, when we were waiting to get into the improv, I needed a snack, so I went to get some french fries. Good thing I ordered the small: <a href="" title="View '' on"><img height="240" style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" alt="" border="0" src="" width="180" /></a> Since we were in the comedy mood after that, we checked out the <a href="">Comedy Bang Bang Podcast</a> which was very funny as well with some outrageous characters (Andrew Lloyd Webber and Hotdog). Next up was the absolutely amazing <a href="">Allen Stone</a> band. Side note: people still use MySpace? This was, by far, the highlight of our trip. Great stage presence, amazing band, groovy/funky beats. Highly recommended. Will be purchasing his new album when it comes out in Oct. Last show was <a href="">Carbon Leaf</a> and they are very pleasant indie folk/alt rock band. Will probably buy one or two of their albums to use as easy listening background music. We had a wonderful day with great music, great comedy, great weather and great company. The perfect way to celebrate 11 great years. Some pics of the Allen Stone show and the view while watching Carbon Leaf: <a href="" title="View 'IMG_0240' on"><img border="0" alt="IMG_0240" width="180" src="" height="240" /></a><a href="" title="View 'IMG_0237' on"><img border="0" alt="IMG_0237" width="240" src="" height="180" /></a><a href="" title="View 'IMG_0235' on"><img border="0" alt="IMG_0235" width="240" src="" height="180" /></a>

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New Music?

So, as I bought the latest Barenaked Ladies and Tragically Hip music, I realized that I haven’t bought very much new music in quite a while. My last new music was The Killers’ previous release, which I am quite enjoying.

So, do any of you, my most loyal readers, have any suggestions of new music that I should listen to?

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Total Convenience

It is really scary how easy it is to buy music from the iTunes Music Store. I heard that Apple was offering $1 off any album that contains a grammy winning song, so I checked out the Grammy winners (easy to find button in the store) and discovered two albums that I wanted.

Two clicks later and they are in my library and I am out $18. Sheesh…this could be dangerous.

Oh ya, the music I downloaded was Maroon5’s latest and Green Day’s American Idiot. Both are very catchy.

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