The Hip, Tragically ⇒

I did not have a great day today. On the way into work I learned that my favourite band of all time, The Tragically Hip, lost their amazing lead singer Gord Downie.

This band essentially defined my university experience. They got big (Fully Completely, Day For Night) just when I started school. We played their music All. The. Time. At every party, in every room, at every event, The Hip were there. They quickly became "my" band; I followed all their news and knew all the songs. When a new album dropped we'd rush out to buy it (usually from A&B Music...remember them?).

Today when chatting with my old roommate, he reminded me of all times we were up late studying and listening to the The Q and phoning/faxing/emailing in requests for The Hip at midnight.

And it's the band I've seen the most, probably 6 or 7 times. They put on an outstanding live show, with Gord flailing and wailing. I've seen them in Victoria, Vancouver, at Another Roadside Attraction. Heck I might have even seen them in Ottawa...who can remember them all?

The one show I absolutely remember was their last one in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. Gord had just announced his diagnosis and also the tour. There was no way I was missing this show. With the help of my friend Doug, we got tickets. Behind the stage, but tickets nonetheless. Although I had not seen them in years, they were as good, or better than I remember. Gord sang his heart out and wailed and flailed.

The Hip were there at some of the best times of my life, at university w/ my roomates, at parties, at concerts, on road trips, and at my wedding.

Thanks Gord

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